Virginia Movers & Warehousemen's Association

The Virginia Movers and Warehousemen Association (VMWA) is directed by an elected Board of Directors, Executive Director, and other appointed members that serve on various Committees. Dues are collected from members to finance the operations. 

The Board of Directors consists of nine (9) elected Members representing three (3) different Regions of the state- Region I-Northern Virginia, Region II-Piedmont and Tidewater, and Region III-Western Virginia. The Regions will have three (3) Board Members representing them serving a two (2) year term. In addition to the regular Board Members there will be three (3) At-Large Members.  The Director will serve a two (2) year term.

The Officers include President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The President cannot serve more than two (2) years. 

The President will appoint Chairmanship and Membership to the various regular committees and the special committees.