Virginia Movers & Warehousemen's Association

natural bridgeAt the end of World War II, there were several leaders in Virginia’s moving industry that felt there should be a separate entity for Movers. Originally, the Virginia Movers and Warehousemen's Association (VMWA) was a division of the Virginia Highway Users Association. The Highway Users Association represented all trucking companies in Virginia during that time. 

Morgan Strother, President of W. Fred Richardson Security Storage Company located in Richmond was the main leader in forming the original VMWA group. He helped organize the first meeting of this new Movers group. This first meeting took place in Natural Bridge, Virginia on May 23,1952. Thus, they founded the VMWA organization.

Dan Judd read the following resolution at the conference: 
Be it resolved: That this group of Household Goods Movers and Warehousemen, assembled here at Natural Bridge, Virginia this twenty-third day of May 1952, in behalf of itself and all other Household Goods Movers and Warehousemen in the State of Virginia, take proper action to organize and operate as the “Virginia Movers and Warehousemen’s Association” so that we, as a unit, may help collectively, with mutual cooperation and assistance, in the solving of our industry’s problems; that further; we immediately bring forth a tentative Constitution and By-Laws for discussion, then take appropriate action to set up and approve such Constitution and By-Laws as are consistent with the aims and desires of our new organization.

VMWA’s first Officers, Board members, and Regional Vice-Presidents were:


  President Alfred E. Crowe
  Vice-President B. J. Knight
  Secretary George Pitzer
  Treasurer J. Parker New
  Directors: Ward Scull, District 1 & 2
    Morgan Strother, District 3 & 4
    Paige Marshall, District 8 & 10
    John C. Westcott, District 6 & 7
    William Dale, District 5 & 9
  Regional Vice-Presidents: James Goodwin, District 1 & 2
    T. W. Mayton, District 3 & 4
    Buddy Thach, District 8 & 10
    D. O. Arnold, District 6 & 7
    C. O. Poteat, District 5 & 9


Al Crowe, President of Vet Vans of Virginia located in Arlington, Virginia was elected the first president. Other founding members of were Mrs.Dorothy Crowder and Frank Brittingham, both from Northern Virginia, Dan Judd from Lynchburg, Tom Shelburne from Richmond, and the Aspinwalls from the Norfolk area. 
Over 100 Movers attended this foundation meeting.