Virginia Movers & Warehousemen's Association

Selecting prospective Movers for your upcoming move in the past was accomplished mostly by checking the Yellow Pages of your local telephone directory, calling several of the area Movers for a free estimate and choosing the best Mover.  In today's climate, Consumers will mostly likely use Google or another search engine brand for their resource tool.

woman_laptopThis explosion of data from Google makes the selection process seem easier but by the sheer amount of data and graphics it has made the process more risky.  Traditional Movers have been slower to capture the new marketing gimmicks while the newer (so called internet Mover) moving companies have embraced it.   This is the changing marketplace and the Consumer must be more cautious as they seek information on Movers to make their decision. Once you get through all the data and graphics you still need to know about reputation and dependability.

A competitive price with good service is a deal.  Price alone is not necessarily the best avenue for Mover selection.

Movingvan_picMoving is very personal since the moving company will take control of all of your possessions for a while which means you lose control.  Trust is paramount!

VMWA's suggestion to the Consumer as with any retail/consumer transaction is to get as much as possible in writing before making your decision.  Movers are required to have proper licenses and authorizations from the various legal bodies before they offer themselves to the public on a for-hire basis.Estimate_Quote

In Virginia, the Mover shall have a DMV certificate from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in order to handle shipments 31 miles or more within Virginia and a DMV permit for shipments 30 miles or less (local moves).  Please take a few minutes and click on the certificate and/or the permit links to ascertain that your potential Mover(s) have the proper licenses and insurance coverage before you decide which Mover you will use.