Virginia Movers & Warehousemen's Association

consumer alertConsumers need to know as much as possible about the benefits and the pitfalls of the moving industry  before they secure a Mover to handle their relocation needs.  It is VMWA's goal to help the Consumer with this task by providing information and helpful tips. The booklet, Making a Better Move in Virginia is required to be presented to the prospective Customer by the Mover during the estimate phase either by booklet form or email. DMV has a flyer to help you with your decision making.    MOVING?    There is more information from DMV for Consumer review.  Please see  Moving 101-A Consumers Guide

Due today's media coverage of the so called "rogue Mover"  has alerted manybad guy Consumers about the perils of choosing a bad Mover.  VMWA defines a rogue Mover as a moving company that is not insured and does not have the proper licenses to operate as a For Hire moving company.  Furthermore, these types of companies (internet Movers) are not a part of the local community which makes it very difficult to track their actions and hold them accountable for their misdeeds.

computer coffee glassesYou can ascertain that your prospective Movers are licensed and certified to operate in Virginia by going to your Find A Mover section.  The Virginia Certificate Number (for moves 31 miles or more in Virginia) and the Virginia Permit Number (for moves 30 miles or less in Virginia) are shown on the company tab. These numbers confirm that the Mover is license and registered to  operate as a bona fide moving company in Virginia by DMV. If the number is N/A, please call your prospective Mover to confirm that they are available for your move.

The Movers that are a part of our membership in VMWA are well respected, part of their local community, many are multi-generational, and most of all, they are hard working moving companies serving their Customers with pride and persistence!

Does it mean by choosing one of our Members that your move will be trouble-free and damage-free?  No. No one can guarantee that.  However, VMWA can assure you that any conflicts in your move will be handled with respect and a fair conclusion will be offerred when using one of our trustful Members. 

team successThe best combination for a sucessful move is Customer patience and direction, a well qualified Mover that is sensitive to their Customer's needs, and a strong communication link; before, during, and after the move. Yes, it is TEAM effort between the Customer and the Mover. 

Moving is not a vacation but a organized effort to transfer your belongings from your old residence to your new home.  It takes hard work on both sides to get eveything accomplished.